Scribe Desk

I am a writer/editor. Since you are here right now, it just may be that you are looking for someone to write or edit something for you. I can probably do that.

You no doubt noticed that word ‘probably’ up there in that first paragraph. It was placed there because I know better than to try to deceive you by saying I can do everything, have done everything, know everything, or for that matter want to do everything. Each of us is limited to some extent by our experiences, our interests and ambitions, and our eagerness to explore new venues of operation. I want to be your Scribe Desk scribe, but if my talents are not the best for your project, I intend to be man enough to tell you so.

I have done some things of which I am proud, and won some contests and awards. Please refer to my qualifications. But the proof is in the production, and I will guarantee my work, or more precisely, your satisfaction with my work, or you pay nothing beyond my incurred expenses. Anything beyond that will be promptly refunded from any deposits you have made, should you be unsatisfied with my produced results. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Another thing that little word, ‘probably,’ means is that if your job as described amounts to something I would have to research far more thoroughly than your time frame allows, I will gladly refer you to another professional who has some further expertise in your particular area of interest. If I can’t do it, or if I have a pre-existing time constraint that dictates I might not have the time your project will probably take, I will refer you to someone else. That’s just a professional courtesy that you deserve as my customer. Because when you are done being my customer, I have two desires. I would like to think of you as a return customer, and I would like to think of you as perhaps a friend, too. Those things matter in this life.

I like to be recognized as someone who has developed some fairly accomplished skills. But most of all, I want to be thought of as a person who means what he says and says what he means.

My rate card is largely self-explanatory, but there is some flexibility in my rates, particularly with regard to return customers, and longer term commitments. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to service your writing and editing needs.

Your Scribe Desk assistant in language and textual content,

Dan Cooper